Master Classes Manuela Gouveia (english)

“The music, the interpreter, the instrument – this is the ranking of priorities orienting my work as an artist and teacher – my musical heritage to which I add 40 years of reflection and teaching.

The performer’s tansk is to interpret a piece of music. However, this process of recreation requires a profound respect of the work and its author. The challenge is to strike a balance between the original message and the artistic expression of the performer.

Working with music means a constant strive for enriching one’s own personality on all levels, artistic and human.

This is the aim of my work.”……

Manuela Gouveia


“Both students and teachers belonging to this school have experienced the pedagogical, musical and human value of Manuela Gouveia after having worked together with her regularly for a year.

Offering this opportunity to enthusiast pianists made us decide to plan a new course of Master Classes witth Manuela Gouveia.”

Eulàlia Casso i Samsó
(Musical Headmistress. Musicant, Escola d’Educació Musical)

Master Classes are aimed at:

  • Students of piano pedagogy.
  • Piano students.
  • Professional degree students or at a professional level.
  • Piano teachers.
  • Amateur pianists

Course Organization:

It depends on the different needs of each students. The course allows students to fill in one, two, thee, four or five week-ends from October to May. Each Master Class will last 1’30 hours.

There is the possibility of doing more than one class at the week-end.


Musicant, Escola d’Educació Musical.
c/ Indústria, 311, baixos.
Barcelona, 08041.
See map


Bus: 15 – 18 – 20 – 45 – 47 – 50 – 51.

Underground: Camp de l’arpa (L5 blue) – Navas (L1 red)


a) Saturday: from 10 a.m to 14:30 p.m, and from 16 p.m and 20:30 p.m

b) Sunday: from 10 a.m to 14:30 p.m, and from 16:30 and 19:30 p.m


  • Applications are limited. If you are interested in checking the availability of your
    application, please send the application form
  • Once the application is confirmed, you should deposit the required amount of money in the following bank account: BIC: CAIXESBBXXX IBAN: CCC 2100 1079 17 0200086902. It is compulsory to point out the participant full name and ‘Curso Manuela Gouveia’ as item.


We will hand in a certificate where the class hours are specified. Es lliurarà un certificat en el que s’especificarà les hores de classe realitzades.

More information:

93 340 40 65 in the morning.

Contact person:

Aleix Manyoses Casso.